Do you want to work in a fire station or a FIREHOUSE?
John Lovato, Jr. comes from a long line of firefighters. His grandfather and father worked in the suburbs of Chicago. In 1998, John started his career on the same department that his family began theirs at.

After relocating to Florida in 2003, John found a fire department that gave him the excitement and challenges he was looking for. In 2010, John became an acting company officer. Dissatisfied with his level of leadership preparation, John dove into learning the best practices from leaders throughout the fire service.

After attending many classes, trainings, and conferences throughout the country, John began practicing his new knowledge as an acting officer.

In 2014, John got the opportunity he was looking for and was promoted to Captain. After floating as a fill in Captain for a few months, John received his first station assignment in early 2015.

Challenges were faced and lessons were learned. In the end, the new Captain and newly combined crew were functioning at a higher level then when they started.

This higher level of performing was consistently seen when new firefighters joined the crew.

John decided that the environment that the crew made was a successful recipe for team building.

The creation of Brotherhood Coaching was a way of sharing this recipe for eager Firefighters like John.

Brotherhood Coaching has enabled John to impact Firefighters throughout this country and still be home enough to be a husband to his wife Jenny and a Father to his daughter Sofia and son Liam.

If you’re looking to learn what it takes to become the role model you looked up to then you’ve come to the right place. When we all take ownership of ourselves and set the right example, great things happen.

You may be asking why this is so important.

Do you want to work in a fire station or a FIREHOUSE?
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