I Help Firefighters
Overcome Frustrations.
Grow their Influence.
Become the Leader their People Need.
I Help Firefighters
Stay into The Job.
Overcome Frustrations.
Grow their Influence.
Become the Leader their People Need.
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Don't Bitch....Fix
Show Notes:
I was frustrated yesterday
Had to do something I didn’t agree with

However not doing it would’ve made it a bigger issue than it was

That emotion of frustration was a sign

A sign that I need to take action

Time to flank ….again

Training proposal
Share Everything You Know
Share what you know, because you never know what someone doesn’t know.
They could get something out of it and we can grow together.

The purpose of a team is helping each other out, using each person’s strengths to make the team stronger.
Take care of them so they take care of you
The Team.
To me Team means Together Everyone Achieves More.
Its about the people you are side by side with.
I have strengths but I also have plenty of weaknesses. I lose my temper more than I want. I get frustrated more than I want. I skip more workouts than I want. I do not eat as healthy as I could.
But guess what?